The new generation of machine for End-machining

Our centring-facing machines are designed to meet the request of higher flexibility, precision and  simplification of small and large production end-machining , combining great power and high rigidity and also allowing to integrate an automatic loading / unloading system.

The base is an electro-welded and normalized steel structure and it has been specially designed with directional slides to convey chips into the specific integrated conveyor; the underlying ribs are arranged in such a way as to be able to absorb any vibration.

The use of a touch screen operator panel with easy programming ensures versatility and simplicity of application, making simultaneous machining possible on both ends.

Two opposite working units are used, each moved on CN work axes (axis “Z1” and “Z2”) frontal to the piece, whereas the Self-centering clamps with oleodynamic control are moved by a third controlled CNC axis (X axis) for the management of the drilling / centering tool center as well as for milling / flattening machining.
Each unit can be supplied with an additional optional spindle for tapping or for other processing steps and all operations are performed in a single grip.

The use of the self-centering vices, fixed on the linear guides for the movement of the slides, make it possible to block the pieces of considerable consistency, also including a wide range of fixing diameters.

The machine is also designed for connection to robots or other types of automation used for workpiece loading / unloading.