DM 6.0.

Great compromise between power and dynamism.

Max. diameterØ 300 mm
Max. length600 mm
Max. module5
Axial travel (Z)600 mm
Shift stroke (Y)250 mm

The gear hobbing machine, model DM 6.0, is a C.N.C machine designed for the hobbing of cylindrical, spur, helical gears, splined shafts, and milling of endless screws, on shafts with length up to 600 mm.

The solid structure, matched with high quality materials, ensures a longer duration of cutting hob, permitting continuity of production and a significant productivity growth.

The shift axis permits the use of different tools and the realization of multiple hobbing with a single set-up on the workpiece.
The height of the table and large sliding doors are studied to consent an easy access at tooling operations or workpiece replacements.

The software, realized by us,  is simple, complete and intuitive and it can be customized  on specific requests.

Gear hobbing machine DM 4.0 is predisposed for remote assistance, installable on requests.