DM 8.0.

Robust guides and torque motors for precision machining

Max. diameterØ 220 mm
Max. length600 mm (1000-2000 optional)
Max. module8
Axial travel (Z)600 mm
Shift stroke (Y)250 mm

The gear hobbing machine model DM 8.0 is designed for the machining of spur, helical and curved gears, endless screws, splined profiles and pulleys.

Solidity and power are ensured by large dimension guides and torque motors, for all types of gear hobbing.
Its versatility allows to adapt to any customer equipment, for each production code.

The shift axis allows the mounting of several tools, managed to optimize the cooling down and consumption of the cutting tool.
A detailed research on locking systems led to improve the extension of the cutting hob, ensuring precision and rigidity.

The simple, complete and intuitive software, realized by us, can be customized on requests .

Gear hobbing machine is predisposed for remote assistance, installable on request.