Designed for chromed shafts machining for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders.

The CNC machine, mod. TB412Y is designed for reduced tooling and programming time.
Is a double spindle machine and it has got an upload station on self-positioning rollers, able to receive bars from diameter of 12 mm up to 110 mm, variable from a length of 150 mm up to 3000 mm.
Ground pliers and micro filtered refrigeration allows machining of shafts without damages of the chrome surface.
The 12 positions, motorized tool turret, on which you can install up to 24 tools, has got an Y axis for milling and holes machining , also off-axis.
The unload of the workpiece from the sub -spindle is totally automatic.
The simplicity of the use, the high versatility and precision in machining, make model TB412Y an extremely competitive machine, making it possible whoever to realize quickly any kind of chromed bar.
The software, made by us, is integrated with CNC SIEMENS 840 Di, and it is customizable.